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This part of the site contains astronomy material that doesn't fit in the other main sections of the site.

Most of the astronomy in this section is contained in the "Foundations of Astronomy" which discusses concepts and information that is important to understanding astronomy but does not fit within the rest of the site.

The Astronomy Glossary is a compilation of many terms and definitions in astronomy. It has been compiled for over a decade from various resources as well as general information and hence is not referenced.

"References & Resources" lists most of the papers, books, and web sites that were used in the creation of this site.

"About the Site" has brief information on the current site's author, past contributors, as well as information on how to cite this web site in a research paper.

Finally, the "Links" section contains a very abbreviated list of helpful links for more information. Because these are outside of this site, the authors of Journey Through the Galaxy cannot be held responsible for the content of them.